Sunday Gatherings

Dear PCC Family,

We are a “Neighborhood Church” so why would we cancel services in person?  “Social Distancing” feels like a counterintuitive way to love your neighbor, but it is one of the steps we need to take to seek the good of our town and our neighborhoods.

By now, most of you have probably read the article “Flatten the Curve” which shows the need to reduce our travel and gathering footprint.  Loving our neighbor by “flattening the curve” may help our city and country create a better situation for our medical community to keep up with the demand as well as keep our most at-risk friends out of harm’s way.  We believe that this actually is a great way to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Here are some ways we’ll try to do that: 
*This Sunday - We will post our sermon online at PCC EB Facebook page at 10AM so cruise over and connect at that time with our church family.   The leadership team will evaluate how effective that platform was next week and determine what changes may need to be made going forward.  It’s hard to give an exact prediction but we may very well be doing this for the next 3 Sundays in March. We’ll keep you updated each week as early as possible.

This Sunday, Rev. Jose Montes will be sharing the scriptures with us on the topic of forgiveness.  

* Large Group – we are inviting everyone to join together for prayer meetings on Wednesday nights at 7:30PM until we are able to meet again in person at the YMCA.  A link and instructions will be provided next week for how you can do that. This allows us to stay connect and more importantly, pray together for our community, country and world. 

* Slack – we have an account on slack that’s used primarily for ministry leaders and teams. If you already signed up, great.  If you’d like to join, please contact Howie and he’ll get you set up.  This will be a great platform to make ministry needs known and give us a platform to interact and respond to needs as they arise.  

*Easter egg hunt - We aren’t cancelling this yet.  We’ll wait and see where things are by the end of March and make a decision then.  April 11 is still over a month away so let’s see what safety precautions are still in place as we approach that date. 

This, obviously, isn’t the Easter season that we anticipated.  The Lenten season is, for many in the world, a season of intentional fasting for the purpose of growing in our walk with God.  Now, many are forced to fast in ways that they did not anticipate.  I’m praying that God would use this time to draw us closer to Him and also show us ways to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those that will need us in tangible ways in the days and weeks to come.  If any of us in leadership can help in a tangible way, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  Praying for each of you this weekend. 

Pastor Thomas & the Ministry Team